Boys Will Be Boys!

These two little guys made my morning!  I had a blast with your family are so much fun!  These two cutie pies make my job look easy!  The big brother had a personality the size of Texas, and had me cracking up most of the time I was there.  He even asked me if he could hug me…twice! What a honey.  I love the faces I got of him today.  The little brother was just a doll too.  All it took to get him to smile was a little Sir Mix-a-Lot!  I told you they were a fun family! I hope you like your sneak peek!  Thanks for a great morning!
The little one is going to be a heartbreaker..mark my words!

I said heartbreaker right????

How about this look?

Or perhaps the deep, intense look!  Love it!

And now for cutie pants Mr. C…

Oh those eyes… 🙂

Thanks again!
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