Lucky Little One!

Yes, this is one lucky little one that will be entering into the world in just a few short weeks!  The love that her mom and dad feel for each other is so evident..I can only imagine how that love will grow when she arrives.  I had such a wonderful evening with you both.  It was great to meet you.  I loved your energy and your fun personalities!  I hope you had fun too!  This is a large sneak peek (partly because it took me a little longer), but also I haven’t done any maternity sessions in awhile, and the colors and mama were just so beautiful. I so want to go back to this little park again.  Thanks again..can’t wait to meet your little one!
One of my new fave pictures!

So sweet

She just has that glow right?

Something different for me, but kind of fun!

Mom wanted to order a pizza, because she loves pizza and had this way cute tank!  We got some great pizza shots!!


Had to do this one because their ultrasound picture is perfect!

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