Cutie Pies x 2!!

I can’t believe these two cutie pies are already 6 months old!  They are so much fun and I always enjoy taking their pictures.    After spending the weekend with my nephew down here, who is 6 weeks older then my daughter and watching how much fun they had together playing together, I can only imagine how much fun these two are going to have growing up together!  Did I mention that these two have AMAZING eyes??  Wow.  Thanks for having me.  It was great seeing you all again!
Just love this one!

Her aunt makes these adorable hats and sells them at Mosaic Alley in New Prague…I will definitely have to find some for myself! 

Handsome little man L.

My fake sneezes were really working on him!

I love how he has his little arm on her…protecting her already 🙂

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