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So one of the things I love about being a location photographer and getting to come into your homes, is seeing photos from previous sessions up on display in your home!  Yesterday at a session, I saw this in the office and just LOVED it!  We did these photos at his 9 month session, and the mom did a gallery wrap and 2 8×10 photos and it looks so great displayed on her walls.  Another option for a photo like the middle one is a standout, which is a bit cheaper then a gallery wrap, but gives a similar effect.  These are both such great ways to display photos on their own, without a frame.  I do have samples of each, as well as other items I offer, that I will be bringing with me to sessions from now on so just ask to see them if you want!
One thing I’ve really grown to love since starting to take photos, is LARGE photos!! I used to be stuck in the school picture photo package mindset, where I though an 8×10 photo was huge.  Now, I use those photos as accents with larger photos and they just seem small anymore, when displayed individually on a wall.  Another photographer from Rhode Island, Amy Ro Photography, recently posted THIS article on her blog, about big prints, and I thought it was really interesting.  I actually found this post from another photographer which I adore, Amber of Little Moon Photography.  She is amazingly talented, and her newborn photos are truly works of art.  You should take a second to check both of these ladies out if you get a chance and want to see some beautiful photos.
Just wanted to take a second and share these with you.  After seeing those photos displayed yesterday at my session, it just made me thing about this and though it was worth sharing!

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