A Blog Apology

First of all, I believe in my last post, I said I’d be a better blogger.  I’ve failed.  The past month, I’ve been a very bad blogger.  However, I’ve been CRAZY busy!  As most of you know, I’m also a full-time teacher, and the end of the school year has been crazy.  So with lots of homework for school, a daughter adjusting to summer time hours (i.e. not going to bed until about 9ish), that leaves me to start my work at about 9:30.  

So, no excuses, I’ve gotten lazy.  I’m a big fan, and user of Facebook.  I know most of my clients are too, and love to see their pics up there and share with their friends.  So I’ve taken to sharing my previews, etc. on Facebook.  It’s quick and easy.  By the time I get them up there, I usually decide it’s time for me to go to bed!  I always mean to blog the next day, but then there are other things that come up.
So with summer time now officially here, I’ve been busy.  I have a new blog in the works, as well as some changes to my website.  I’ve been super busy with sessions, as you’ve seen if you’ve been keeping up with me on my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. (If you’re not a fan, you should be, just click here to become one!)  Anyway, I’m really excited about the new blog.  It will be a few weeks yet, but stay tuned.  I PROMISE when I have my shiny new one, I will put it to good use, and it is my goal to blog DAILY.  Yes, DAILY!  Hold me to it!!! 
So with that said, I apologize, I really do.  Thanks for hanging with me!!  Enjoy your summer, and the wonderful time with your family.  I know I will!!
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