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So I’ll be honest and say that I do get a little nervous before a session with adults only.  My days are spent with 6-7 year-olds, and my evenings and weekends are spent with a 3 1/2 year old…I have no problem singing, twirling, jumping, dancing, being silly, etc…  it’s a little different with adults sometimes.  However, I will honestly say this was an exception.  I had a BLAST with this gorgeous family this morning.  They were so much fun, and had such a great connection.  We laughed and smiled most of the time!  I think it’s pretty obvious to see that connection in these photographs.  The weather called for rain, but we decided to go for it, and while it rained the whole way there, it stopped for us during our session!  We found a GORGEOUS spot with some coverage in case the lovely weather started up again, but we didn’t need it after all.  Thank for you letting me hang out with your amazing family this morning, and A…thank you for your service to our country.

I love this so much I want to take my parents back there and take this same picture!

Love the brother / sister connection 🙂

Really…with a session that ends like this…how could it be anything but awesome?!

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