Chubba Love!

Oh my sweet sweet little love! There isn’t much I love more than a chubby chubby baby, and my little sweetie is just that!  I took her over to my studio this morning for a little 6 1/2 month photo shoot.  Let’s just say, it’s official and I’m two for two on photographer’s child syndrome.  She was not having it.  She loved her being naked, but the second I put clothes on her, she was not a happy camper.  So…we cut it short, and called it a day.  I just LOVE capturing the sweet, chubbiness of this stage though, before they start moving and it all goes away, so I’m glad I got these!  It was a bit too chilly outside anyway today, so we’ll try again another day.  For now, my sweet chubba love 🙂

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