Handsome Mr. B!!!

These one-year old boys I’ve gotten to photograph lately have just been melting my heart.  I want to take them all home!  This little man was no different.  I had the best time with him today.  I could’ve stayed and hung out with him all day I think. We got some beautiful photos as a bonus!  Though I must apologize to his parents for having to listen to my songs, and (gasp) watching me do a funny dance they taught me to get some of those smiles. 🙂 I’m not above that at all, and I had fun doing it!  Here are a few from today:
Love this little grin – I’m a sucker for these close-ups

He has just recently learned to walk!

Aww..love these moments

Looks like a little model in this one

Another great close-up with that grin

Yup, this would be the picture I danced a jig – yes a jig – to get him to smile at me and it was oh-so worth it!  His mom and dad taught me this little dance, and I’m so glad to have it to add to my bag of tricks.  I already tried it out on my daughter and she loves it!  Thanks guys 🙂

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