What A Girl!

Today I got to photograph my first senior girl.  What a girl she is too..she braved the rain and the weeds to finish her photos.  Yes, it rained on us, but we forged on!  (Okay, it eventually stopped, but still!)  She is a beautiful senior girl with some killer eyes..so pretty!  I hope you like your sneak peek.  Thanks for being up for trying so many different places with me..even in the rain!  I had a great time meeting you today! 🙂
Yes, it was raining on us in this one..it had just started… Can’t even tell!

Love Love this black and white

Similar to above, but in color..I had to share both because I couldn’t decide!  I told you this one looked good 🙂

So classic

She even went in the tall grass with me!

Love the eyes here

So pretty

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